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At Principles, it’s important to us that we bring you, the client, the very best in hair products.

Hair needs nourishing if it’s to look its best and over-processing can leave hair dull, lifeless and damaged. Using premium products helps protect and nurture the hair.When we colour hair, we make sure that the processes and products we use mean you’ll walk out of our salon with a head full of healthy-looking hair, full of body and shine. We will also advise the best products for you to maintain your style at home


Redken is a pioneering haircare brand born and raised on the streets of New York. Combining scientific expertise and the edgy style of the Big Apple, Redken has developed an impressive array of unique and ground-breaking products that have helped revolutionise the hair beauty industry. 

Principles Hair Design is delighted to offer you a fantastic range of exciting and invigorating Redken products that are guaranteed to deliver absolute ‘Beauty through Science’. No matter your hair type, we’re sure you’ll find a Redken range to revolutionise your individual hair care routine.

Moroccan Oil

We are lucky to be a chosen stockist of the wonderful product MOROCCANOIL. Moroccanoil® treatments have revolutionised the world of hair care, with a unique range of nutrient rich, anti-oxidant infused formulas. These innovative products are universally popular, because they provide dramatic results that are unrivalled by other brands. Moroccanoil have built their reputation on positive word of mouth, from cutting-edge salons and editorial spreads, to become the preferred choice of hair care professionals and consumers alike.

  • Detangles

  • Controls frizz due to processing and humidity

  • Enhances shine in colour-treated hair and keeps colour truer longer

  • Increases elasticity

  • Gives hair a natural shine and softer texture


The complete hair solution. Kalona hair care collection is a complete, bespoke system formulated to repair and maintain all hair types.
Kalona's unique triple blend of three powerful, effective oils - Argan, Coconut and Marula, offers unrivalled benefits in the quest for beautiful hair.
Regular use of this triple action ingredient combination results in lustrous hair that's healthy and strong.
Carefully formulated to include each of these oils. All our products have well-known properties for exceptional hair care. Used individually or in combination with each other, great noticeable results will be achieved.
The vitamins and anti-oxidants in the three oils nourish and repair hair and protect it against UV, thermal and environmental damage, producing strong, glossy hair.

Bed Head

TIGI Bed Head offers a versatile range of haircare products to treat and finish your hair and express your own personal style. The unique range of Bed Head styling products will help you to create messed-up perfection for any occasion – maximum impact with minimum effort. Get the bed head look from the moment you get up to the moment your head hits the pillow.

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